Campaigns Opposing Conversion Therapy Legislations.

The State of Victoria, Australia Campaign.

Conversion Therapy Laws are imminent in Victoria. We need to join our voices together to push back.

“Conversion Therapy Legislation” The YOU  MUST STAY GAY, YOU MUST STAY  TRANS Bill’s attack on LGBT people.

Four highly qualified speakers on the Law, Politics, Medical & Psychological aspects of Conversion Therapy Legislation spoke about the dishonesty of what Conversion Therapy is portrayed as and the underlying motives of the LGBT community and Governments.

There were plenty of demonstrations that people do leave their LGBT lives permanently, that in doing so improved their lives dramatically.

Many of the Ex LGBT say they would have suicided if they had not had access to counsellors.


Conversion Therapy Zoom Symposium.



Ali. I was a Gay Man. Listen to My Story.




Wilna. I was a former Lesbian. Listen to My Story.




Listen To The Four Speakers.

It  should be noted that they spoke on the 21st of Nov. Four days later the Victoria government introduced a bill into the parliament, the ferociousness of which these men never anticipated when they were giving their talks and answering questions.


Professor John Whitehall.

Paediatrician who has studied, written and spoken on childhood gender dysphoria. Professor Whitehall explains how the very treatments used to treat gender dysphoria perpetuate it, when if children are properly counselled and supported, the vast majority will grow out of it.

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Dr David Pickup.

A specialist psychologist who counsels people helping them to leave their LGBT lives behind. Dr. Pickup talks about the counseling his clinic gives and the great success of many of his clients.

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Professor Patrick Parkinson.

Expert in the law speaking on human rights. Professor Parkinson discusses the legal implications for families, professionals and religious leaders when living under conversion therapy laws.

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Dr Con Kafataris.

A political activist opposing Conversion Therapy Laws. Dr. Kafataris explains the trail from where we were as a Christian nation upholding Christian principles to where we are today. He explains how and why we must all engage with politicians if Australia is to regain its moral roots.

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Q & A

These four men give their answers to the hard questions as to what “Conversion Therapy” Laws The YOU MUST STAY GAY, STAY TRANS oppression of the LGBT community, professionals, parents and the community will mean for our society.

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A Four Minute Video on a Survey of  Ex LGBT People.

This 4 minute video dispels the untruths told by the LGBT Lobby.

People do leave their LGBT lives. Many use professional and religious counsellors. Their lives improve dramatically. They are NOT HURT by counselling. They DO NOT return to their LGBT Lives!

I was a Gay Man. Watch my story.



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Click on this link or the page image below to dowload a pdf copy of Conversion Therapy – Key Points of Concern. to send to, or talk to your MP about. Or scroll down and you can read them online.

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Conversion Therapy Legislation – The MUST STAY GAY & TRANS Bill that will Remove the freedoms of LGBT People to seek their personal happiness.

Conversion Therapy Legislation.

Key points of concern that you may like to share when contacting MP’s to express your concern.


That will remove the freedoms of  LGBT People to be able to seek their personal happiness.

  • Conversion Therapy Laws in the very first place further target LGBT people. Governments are passing laws, infringing on the human right of self-determination, to force people in the LGBT community to remain in such lives even if they do not want to.

Conversion Therapy Laws Will  Enable Sexual Predators.

Conversion therapy bans enable sexual predators. Counsellors tell us that many transgender children have been sexual abused. In the past if a child expressed the want to be the opposite gender a counsellor would explore whether sexual abuse was an underlying driver of that want.

If conversion therapy becomes law and a child expresses the want to become the other gender, the law insists that the therapist recognizes this as innate and must assist a person to do so. To explore other reasons, such as sexual abuse, is questioning a person’s gender identity and could be interpreted as conversion therapy.

The conclusion being that not only has a sexual predator damaged the child in the first place, as in other parts of the world, the law may well protects the predator from discovery.

The proposed legislation to ban Conversion therapy raises grave concerns with the following:

  • Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of expression is continuing to be eroded and taken away
  • Parental responsibilities and rights are also being removed, and more power to make decisions for children is being given to the state and authorities who often have conflicting agendas and beliefs
  • The degradation of the very fabric our society has been built on: Families having the choice and input as to how their children are raised; medical practice providing treatment based on scientifically researched options; ministries and churches providing a stable and supportive environment for those whom it cares for.

If legislation passes, concerns for the following people, jobs, and responsibilities will result:

  • Medical Practitioners and Paediatricians will be unable to treat patients with traditional medical practice, but rather be forced to provide treatment that is experimental and unscientific.
  • Professional Therapists or Counsellors. There are already disciplinary bodies in place to prevent such professionals from providing therapy that aligns with a biblical or conservative model. However, as with the Conversion Therapy laws in Queensland, this field of expertise can now only provide therapy that aligns with the affirmative model. They cannot explore other lines of therapy even if someone comes to them seeking to pursue a life of heterosexuality or a life according to their biological sex.
  • School Principles, Coordinators and Teachers who have limited ability to choose curriculum that aligns with traditional/biblical viewpoints: e.g. teaching there are only 2 genders, teaching God’s intention for sexuality etc
  • Parents who will be unable to encourage their child away from LGBT ideology, affirmative therapy, or even dissuade them from taking irreversible transgender treatment. Parents face the reality of losing custody of their children.
  • Pastors and Religious Leaders may be unable to teach from the biblical viewpoint of gender, sexuality, and even marriage! There is speculation that even preaching to abstain from sex before marriage could become a criminal offense.
  • Ex LGBT Ministries will be unable to provide events, courses, or programs where biblical sexuality and gender is discussed.
  • Mentors will be unable to provide biblical or conservative counselling for those who seek help with their SSA or gender dysphoria. This may be as simple as providing phone call support or meeting with someone to walk with them in their journey.
  • Our freedom of speech will be reduced as our general conversations may be interpreted as hate speech or attempting to change someone’s gender or sexuality.
  • Many of these areas are under threat of becoming illegal, and have the potential to be prosecuted with fines of up to $24,000, or up to 18 months in prison.
  • NOTE# BREAKING NEWS – The Victoria Labor Party’s new bill proposes not 18 month jail but 10 YEARS!!